Design & Installation

JA Garden Design & Maintenance provides residential and small commercial landscape design and installation. Our design process begins with a free consultation. We listen to your needs and desires for your landscape, and develop ideas that will work with your landscape. After meeting with you, we will send a design proposal based on the scope identified in the consultation. We provide the client with a design-to-scale, and a photo collage of plants and materials for your landscape. Once the initial design is completed, we meet with the you to walk through the design, and then edit the plan based on the your feedback.

If requested, we will provide an estimate for the installation of the design. You are welcome to get other bids on the design as well. However, the beauty of working with the designer during an installation is that it allows flexibility in the plan. If we or you are not happy with an element in the landscape, we will modify the design during the installation process.

Our goal is to leave you with a landscape that meets your needs and you will enjoy.

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