" We have a garden and water feature at our home in the Windermere neighborhood of Seattle that has for many years been a real challenge to my wife (a former Arboretum Garden Competition Judge) as well as for over a dozen firms and individual gardeners. Jed Ganslaw with occasional input from Anne Cline has risen to the challenge and won. The garden is now a show piece. Jed knows what needs doing, says what he’ll do and does what he says. Establishing new areas and maintaining older ones are done expeditiously and to our complete satisfaction. Work is performed reliably, including at times in our absence, to a high standard and with regard to aesthetics, environmental and plant health and meticulous clean-up at the end of the day’s work. Jed works very hard, is a pleasure to work with, and provides full value at a very reasonable cost. We have no hesitation in recommending him highly and would be glad to answer any questions about his work with us." 

~ J. Pierre Loebel, MD