Rain Gardens

" Thank you again for all of the great work you have done on our landscape, and continue to do!!

We started working with JA Garden Design & Maintenance when we had completely unruly back and front yards, in need of a big overhaul. Through several conversations, they developed a sense of what we had in mind for these spaces, and created designs that served our interest in low maintenance, native plant-filled, and environmentally friendly landscapes. We now have two rain gardens that are as beautiful as they are functional, great outdoor spaces for entertaining, and views that are lovely in winter as well as in the high bloom of summer.

Since installation in 2014, JA Garden Design & Maintenance has also done a thorough and timely job of maintaining the landscape, ensuring that everything continues to look great and stay healthy. We highly recommend them for all of your landscaping needs!"

~ Alix & Aran

A rain garden is a garden that collects, absorbs, and filters stormwater runoff from your rooftop, or other hard surfaces. Rain gardens are shallow depressions that:

Can be shaped and sized to fit your yard. 
Are constructed with soil that allows water to soak in rapidly, treat runoff, and support plant growth.
Can be designed with a variety of plants to fit the surroundings.

Prior to development, native soils and forests of Western Washington naturally filtered the water.

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